Young scientists turn library into laboratory

SCIENCE Lucy Toms with her brother Ryan at Fareham Library. Picture: Sarah Standing (122861-4295)
SCIENCE Lucy Toms with her brother Ryan at Fareham Library. Picture: Sarah Standing (122861-4295)
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DOZENS of schoolchildren turned a library into a laboratory, conducting investigations and experiments.

The children took the opportunity to fingerprint each other, make a mini-hovercraft and they even had the chance to make butter out of salt and cream, which they got to take home.

All 65 children had 10 experiments to try yesterday, with each one listed on a picture of a test tube, which they coloured-in as they went around Fareham Library.

Carolyn Toms, 32, of Wild Ridings Road, Fareham, took her children Ryan, seven, and Lucy, four, along to try their hands at being scientists.

She said: ‘There were lots of little activities for them to do.

‘I’m not sure how much they learnt but they had fun.

‘They enjoyed it – my daughter likes science.

‘I didn’t know it was happening but a friend told me about it.’

The event was part of the summer reading challenge, encouraging children to read six books over the summer holiday.

Normally, library staff spend half an hour reading stories with the children. But this time they jumped straight into it.

Parents, family and carers helped the children complete each of the experiments.

Carolyn’s son, Ryan said: ‘We did lots of different investigations.

‘We had to smell different pots and guess what was in them.

‘We smelled pepper, mint, lemon and herbs.

‘My favourite part was the balloon.

‘We made a hovercraft with a bottle top, Blu-tac and the balloon.

‘We made butter with cream and salt but didn’t get to eat it.’

The children also had the opportunity try out using magnets, making a snake charmer’s snake rise up.

The laboratory session itself had a magnetic effect, pulling in youngsters.

Vici Ford, library assistant at Fareham library, was pleased to see new children at the library.

She said:‘There were some old faces I recognised but a lot of new ones too.

‘When they got here we greeted them.

‘Then they chose the order they wanted to do the experiments in.

‘Most of them decided that they had to do everything.’


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Advanced booking is needed, call (023) 9266 0589.

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