Youngsters aim to beat bullies with the power of music at fundraiser

Children who are part of the charity Beat the Bullies
Children who are part of the charity Beat the Bullies
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TALENTED young people will be facing their fears and taking to the stage to sing in front of hundreds of people.

Members of Beat the Bullies are performing at a gala event on Sunday to raise money for the charity.

All of those singing at the show, at the Golden Lion, Bedhampton, have suffered bullying. But with the help of the charity they are learning how to deal with it and getting their confidence back.

The charity was set up by Chloe Hine, from Havant, after she suffered at the hands of bullies for years.

She is now a confident 15-year-old taking her GCSEs while squeezing in top-level fundraising meetings with financiers in the City of London.

Another Havant charity, Music Fusion, has teamed up with the performers to put together some pieces for the show.

Chloe’s mum Emma Hine, who set up the charity with her daughter, said: ‘All the children who are performing have been bullied. Some of them have had horrific experiences. It has knocked their confidence but they have been working with Chloe to get that back.

‘It is going to take a lot of guts to get up there and I’m nervous for them. But I know, without a doubt, they are going to feel fantastic when they get off that stage.

‘They will feel euphoric because it will be buzzing. We want them to use that feeling to drive them forward.’

Chloe has been working with mobile phone giant O2 on creating a website.

The site, and a telephone helpline, will be going live in the summer.

Until then she and her mum are working hard on fundraising for equipment for the headquarters in Langstone Gate, Havant.

Chloe said: ‘I’m so excited. I can’t believe the big day is almost here.

‘Everyone will have a part to play – whether they are singing on stage or helping with the raffle tickets.

‘For most of them it will be the first time they have done anything like this and it will be a massive boost to their confidence.

‘Being bullied can really knock you. This is an opportunity for them to be in the real world, where not everyone is horrible, although it can feel like that at times when you are being bullied.

‘Every single person in the room will be supporting them. It will be really good for them.’

The power of music is a big part of the charity’s ethos and it is used as therapy. All the performers have been working hard and will be supported by friends and family.

The show is from 3pm until 6pm.

Entry is free but donations are welcome.

Email for details.