Youngsters earn their badges as they help with the environment

The First Hardway Rainbow Guides. Picture: Habibur Rahman
The First Hardway Rainbow Guides. Picture: Habibur Rahman
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A GROUP of youngsters have shown that anyone can do their bit for the environment, having taken to their local park to tidy up the area.

The First Hardway Rainbow Guides, all aged between five and seven, went to Grove Road Recreation Ground in Grove Road, Gosport, on Wednesday – all armed with litterpickers to scoop up any rubbish they found on the floor.

The girls’ litter pick was held as part of a new Take Action badge, which aims to get Rainbows out and about to make a difference in their community.

Gabby Lewis, five, says she is glad to have done something to tidy up the park.

She said: ‘It’s been really good.

‘There was lots of rubbish by the trees but not much in the park, because there is a bin there.

‘We made posters too and they are in the park.’

Nick Sterne, known to the Rainbows as Robin, said: ‘This is the first time that this particular group has done a litter pick.

‘We have done a few of them in the past but since the Rainbows move up every couple of years we’ve always got new girls to take out into the community.’

Nick says that the Take Action badge, part of a brand new Girlguiding programme for this year, encourages the girls to take a more active role where they live.

She explained: ‘The idea of taking action means that the girls do more to make the area they live a better place.

‘A lot of the girls come to the park to play after school and on weekends – but there tends to be a lot of rubbish lying around and that is what gave us the idea.’

Victoria Sterne said: ‘First Hardway Rainbows litter pick of Grove Road park was a great success.

‘It gave the girls a good understanding of why it is important to dispose of litter appropriately and how it can make parks and streets safer and more appealing to the public.

We hope it will encourage other children and adults alike to also dispose of their rubbish correctly.’