Youngsters taught to save lives in emergency

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A PACK of Cub Scouts were treated to a visit from the ambulance service and taught emergency first aid skills.

The 73rd Portsmouth Cub Scout Pack, in Drayton, were visited by South Central Ambulance on Wednesday and shown what to do at a scene of an accident and how to deal with an unconscious casualty and major bleeding.

The youngsters also had the opportunity to go inside one of the ambulances before strapping their leader to a spinal board.

Group leader Fay Wheeler said: ‘I’m sure I will now be in capable hands if I were to have an accident at Cubs.’

There are currently over half a million Scouts in the UK, and it’s thought one in 50 of them will use skills taught at the organisation to save a life.

Student paramedic, Joe Hunter, said: ‘We all know the importance of first aid. It often means the difference between a life lost and a life saved. So it’s great to be able to visit local schools and youth organisations and pass on these life skills.’