Your chance to keep this historic vessel back on the water

ENTHUSIASTIC Royal Navy Commander Martin Marks at the Maritime Workshop in Gosport
ENTHUSIASTIC Royal Navy Commander Martin Marks at the Maritime Workshop in Gosport

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STEAM Pinnace 199 was built in 1911, so we are carrying out a refit for the splendid boat.

She’s been in here since March and most of the work is being done by volunteers.

We’ve put about 3,500 hours of volunteer labour in and we’ve got one full-time time shipwright who keeps an eye on us.

It’s a tremendous project and a lot of people have spent time on her.

We’ve had a £50,000 grant from the National Lottery, for which we’re very grateful.

The Friends of the National Museum of the Royal Navy have also given us £30,000 so that’s got us off to a really good start.

We’ve turned a corner now and we’re starting to paint and put things back again.

We’re hoping to have her in the water some time in March with a view to a first event in May.

We’ve got about 30 volunteers on the books and of those there’s about a dozen who are regulars and of those there are about six who put an awful lot of time into it.

We could always use more help and we could use some more crew to help operate her. We’d like to run with two crews next year so anyone who is interested please come along and contact us.

We can give you training, it’s just enthusiasm and a bit of time we’re looking for.

· If you would like to see Steam Pinnace 199, there is an open day at the Maritime Workshop in Gosport on February 2. It runs from 10am until 3pm.

Some of the volunteers will be working while others will be on hand to explain 
the history of the steam pinnace and the restoration work.

The workshop is behind St Vincent College in Mill Lane.