Your gardening tasks to complete before Christmas, with Brian Kidd

Potted camellia with buds and flowers.
Potted camellia with buds and flowers.
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Why not bring a touch of spring into your home in time for the festivities?

•A visit to the garden centre will ensure you see pots of early-flowering bulbs such as hyacinths and narcissus. Give yourself a little treat and bring spring into your home early.

•Have a look at camellias in large pots at your garden centre. The buds will open quite quickly and the flowers will be lovely for a long period. Camellias make excellent house plants if you keep them in a light place out of direct sunshine.

•If you have a small garden and would like some instant colour in a border why not consider heathers?

•Did you plant shallot bulbs? Do it as soon as the ground dries out a bit.

•This is the best time of year to transplant trees and shrubs. Choose a pleasant day when the ground is not too wet or frozen.

•Check winter protection structures are still securely in place.

•Check greenhouse heaters are working.

•Prevent ponds and standpipes from freezing.