Youth groups step up to make a bumper Christmas donation

Seth and Joseph Newman, eight, part of the Sixth Gosport Scouts' Cubs troop. Picture: Lisa Young
Seth and Joseph Newman, eight, part of the Sixth Gosport Scouts' Cubs troop. Picture: Lisa Young
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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YOUTH organisations have come together to support those less fortunate at Christmas.

The Sixth Gosport Scout troop collected 70 presents for elderly patients at Queen Alexandra Hospital, more than 100 presents for emergency services across the region and made a donation to the town’s food bank.

The groups pooled their resources to make the donation, in the first year that they have done something of this kind.

Their donations have also earned the youngsters their Community Impact badge – which is awarded for tackling an issue in the surrounding area.

Joseph and Seth Newman, both eight, are part of the Cubs troop.

Seth said: ‘We gave cakes, chocolates, handwash and lots of other things for the emergency services.

‘It was so shocking that we were able to get so many presents together.’

Joseph added: ‘It’s amazing what we managed to do for the emergency services, and I hope we are doing it again next year.’

Six-year-old Beaver Zachary Drew says that there were many different presents for the QA Hospital patients.

He said: ‘I got biscuits, chocolate and gift sets for men and women – and they all went to the hospital.

‘It went really well and we had lots of different things – so I hope everyone at the hospital liked their presents.’

Jessica Webb, 12, is part of the Scout troop.

She said: ‘We had been collecting food for the food bank since the start of the month.

‘I think it has gone really well and we have gathered together a lot of food.

‘We were able to take it up to the food bank ourselves, which was really nice.

‘Hopefully we have managed to help a lot of people out over the Christmas period – that is what it’s all about.’

Lisa Young from Sixth Gosport Scouts in Gosport said: ‘The Community Impact badge is a new thing that spans across all sections.

‘The Beavers chose to support QA Hospital because they didn’t want anybody to feel lonely at Christmas.

‘The Scouts wanted to help the food bank and the Cubs wanted to highlight the sacrifices made by the emergency services, which were operational on Christmas Day.

‘They have been collecting since the beginning of December and to have amassed so many gifts is truly special.

‘We are all so proud of the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts for what they have achieved and the amazing contribution they have made to the local community.

‘They are all a real credit to themselves.’

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