Zombies take over Portsmouth’s streets in chilling film series


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THE haunting prospect of Portsmouth gripped in a zombie apocalypse has been brought to life in a film series.

Matthew Harrison, a film and media production student at the University of Portsmouth, has created The Dead Coast – an apocalyptic horror series set in the city.

The 23-year-old, of Francis Avenue, Southsea, is using local actors, actresses, musicians and production crews to film the web series.

He hopes to broadcast the six online episodes in March.

The film depicts the events after a waterborne virus wipes out most of the UK’s population, leaving the streets overrun by the undead.

It follows survivors as they attempt to rebuild their lives after the cataclysmic event.

A chilling two-and-a-half minute trailer dubbed ‘Welcome to Portsmouth’ has already attracted hundreds of views. The cast was given a terrifying zombie makeover by local artist Myke Eales for scenes shot at Gunwharf Quays and Southsea Skatepark.

He previously worked on the film Zombie King with Corey Feldman and Terminator 2 star Edward Furlong.

Matthew said: ‘The show contains social and political undertones that examine the effects of drilling for natural gas in America and Europe.

‘Gas has been coming up but gets into the water supply and pollutes it. I am interested in horror movies and the adrenaline they give. I have been influenced by zombie films, like George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.

‘The film uses local actors, actresses and musicians. You don’t have to have acting experience to get involved. If you want to come along, the more the merrier.

‘It’s a labour of love for us as we are all doing it for free.’

A fundraising evening will be held at Edge of the Wedge, Albert Road, Southsea on Sunday. Entry is £3 and the evening starts at 8pm.

There will be performances from Hometown Show, Champ of the Day, Cat McLean, The Lion and the Wolf, Jimmy Broomfield and Caz Batten.

If you want to get involved in the project, e-mail thedeadcoast@gmail.com.