Amanda Holden asked astronaut Tim Peake ‘did you bring any of the moon back?’ (Even though he spent all his time on the space station)

British astronaut Tim Peake ''Picture: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire
British astronaut Tim Peake ''Picture: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire
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TV star Amanda Holden has been teased for asking astronaut Tim Peake whether he brought some of the moon back from space.

In fact, Maj Peake, whose parents live near Emsworth, spent his time in space on board the International Space Station, a minimum of 225,000 from the moon.

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden

The Britain’s Got Talent star, who is from Bishop’s Waltham, was talking to the astronaut on This Morning on ITV1 today.

The last person to walk on the moon was Eugene Cernan in 1972.

Maj Peake spent 186 days in space, coming back down to earth in June last year.