‘Brexit will delay any building by two years’

Bill Hutchison
Bill Hutchison
Interim CEO of the Rainbow Centre James Mudie with L&S Waste Commercial Director, Steve Kew. L&S has raised more than �27,000 for the charity over the past five years.

Waste management firm helps the disabled charity

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A CAMPAIGNER says the decision on the proposed IFA2 is likely to be delayed because of Brexit.

Bill Hutchison, chairman of the Hill Head Residents Association said that the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union could delay the project by two years.

CRE – the French energy market regulator – pushed back an investment decision on the project until next Tuesday after Brexit prompted a further consultation with stakeholders due to uncertainties regarding the UK’s access to the electricity market.

Mr Hutchison said: ‘It doesn’t matter if the council approves the plans because any building might be delayed for the next two years due to uncertainties raised by Brexit.’

A council report ahead of the decision said the fallout from Brexit is not enough of a reason to defer the decision.