Calls for action on ‘dangerous’ Fareham road after a series of accidents

The mini-roundabout at Hunts Pond Road in Park Gate, Fareham where a collision took place last December
The mini-roundabout at Hunts Pond Road in Park Gate, Fareham where a collision took place last December
  • Residents have called for action on Hunts Pond Road in Park Gate, Fareham
  • Man given six points on licence for causing accident on mini-roundabout in December 2015
  • Biker previously died on the road in 2012
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CALLS have been made for major changes at a danger junction where a man died.

Residents of Hunts Pond Road and nearby streets in Park Gate, Fareham, have urged for changes to be made along the ‘rat-run’.

The cars are always too fast, too dangerous

Robert Morton, Hunts Pond Road

In March 2012, Marcus Lowbridge died when his Suzuki motorbike collided with a Nissan Micra there.

And in December last year, a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver was badly hurt in a collision with another driver on the mini-roundabout by Abshot Lane.

A driver appeared in court this week following another accident at the blackspot.

Residents say build-outs on surrounding roads are not getting drivers to slow down and they want a T-junction to replace the mini-roundabout.

Robert Morton, of Hunts Pond Road, who lives right next to the roundabout said: ‘I remember the Domino’s accident as I saw lots of people head over to the cars to see what was going on.

‘When you look at the road and see the speeds some drivers do, it does not surprise me that there was an accident.

‘They are always too fast, too dangerous.’

Alison Cook of Lynn Crescent said the mini-roundabout should be replaced.

She said: ‘The road would be much safer if a T-junction was put in there.’

‘A couple of times cars have just gone straight over it without looking so you really have to be careful on it. It can really be a rat-run at times.’

Darryl Johnston, also of Lynn Crescent said: ‘A T-junction could solve it I reckon. Cars go down the road too quickly so I tend to avoid it.’

Councillor Geoffrey Hockley, who represents Fareham Titchfield on Hampshire County Council said: ‘People need to be cautious when driving on that road as it is fair to say that people drive too fast in this day and age anyway.’

When asked about the appropriateness of a T-junction, he replied: ‘When the mini-roundabout was put in, the council would have looked at the safety aspects of it so as long as people drive correctly then it shouldn’t be a problem.’

On Monday, Benjamin White, 21, of Sherwood Avenue in Hedge End, was given six points on his licence by a chair of magistrates at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court.

The Vauxhall Vectra he was driving collided with Millie Meredith’s vehicle on the roundabout at 5.45pm on December 17 last year.

Laura Jenking-Rees, prosecuting, said that White collided with the vehicle while she was turning right on the roundabout on to Abshot Road leading White’s car to drive into the railings outside St John the Baptist Church of England Primary School.

White was treated by a paramedic at the scene while Ms Meredith was uninjured.

He previously had three points on his licence for speeding in January 2014 and was given a 12-month conditional discharge following the trial after pleading guilty to one charge of driving without due care and attention.

White said during the trial: ‘I’m adamant that Ms Meredith did not indicate before she crossed over the roundabout. I know she had the right of way but the road was wet and I wasn’t going too fast.’

Marcus Lowbridge, 20, died in Hunts Pond Road when his 600cc Suzuki bike collided with a Nissan Micra in March 2012.

Mr Lowbridge, of Locks Heath, who was travelling at 39mph in the 30mph zone, collided with Angela Rawson’s vehicle as she pulling out onto the junction.

The accident occurred at the junction of Admirals Road and Hunts Pond Road, near Park Gate.

At the inquest into Mr Lowbridge’s death in June 2013, coroner David Horsley said that changes needed to be made on the road.