Campaigners protest outside Fareham bank over fracking

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ENVIRONMENTAL campaigners protested against a bank in Fareham.

Campaigners from Gosport and Fareham Friends of the Earth were protesting outside Barclays bank in West Street on Saturday with placards and took a letter to the bank’s manager.

The group say the protest was over claims that the bank are funding fracking in Ryedale, North Yorkshire.

Barclays owns company Third Energy – which recently got approval to frack in Ryedale despite local objections.

The campaigners say that by taking action, they are showing that people do not want fracking and that they can show Barclays that it is a risky and unpopular investment.

Lesley Goddard, a member of the group said: ‘Opposing fracking is about keeping fossil fuels in the ground, preserving our countryside and keeping our water supply pure.

‘If fracking happens in Yorkshire then all areas in the UK are much more vulnerable to fracking.

‘More closer to home is the Weald which crosses the counties of Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and Surrey.

‘Fracking would leave us all to live with its toxic legacy after companies such as Third Energy have gone bust.’

The group is entirely run by volunteers who say they are committed to improving the environment, locally, nationally and internationally.

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