Fancy £700? Then learn
to regulate your fridge

MISSION Paul Crewe is determined to help customers save money by not throwing away food
MISSION Paul Crewe is determined to help customers save money by not throwing away food
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THINK what you might do with an extra £700 in your wallet. It would come in handy wouldn’t it?

But that’s the value of food the typical British household throws out each year.

This weekend (Saturday and Sunday) Sainsbury’s at Broadcut, Fareham, will be holding a ‘Waste less, Save more’ event as part of the retailer’s drive to help customers reduce food waste.

Waste less, Save more is a £10m initiative to help households cut the amount of food they’re throwing away.

Designated members of staff will be on hand to provide storage tips which will teach customers how to keep their food fresh for longer.

As part of their mission, colleagues from the Broadcut store will be handing out free fridge thermometers so shoppers can ensure their food is being stored at an optimum temperature.

By setting your fridge to between 0-5C, fresh foods will keep longer, helping consumers cut down on food waste.

Phil Bridgwater, the Broadcut store manager, said: ‘The typical UK household throws away, on average, £700 of food each year.

‘Through our Waste less, Save more campaign, we hope our customers will pick up some handy tips to help them reduce the amount of food that they throw away and save money.’

Waste less, Save more is a five-year plan from Sainsbury’s to help customers save money by tackling food waste at home.

In January this year, the scheme was trialled in the market town of Swadlincote, south Derbyshire. While the trial continues, key learnings from the town – like the introduction of fridge thermometers – are now being rolled out more across the UK.

Paul Crewe, the head of sustainability at Sainsbury’s, said: ‘Food waste continues to be a top priority for customers in terms of saving money and the environment.’

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