Fareham business welcomes Government initiative to help prevent cyber crimes

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A COMPUTER security company has expressed its delight after the government’s announcement to boost cyber security by £1.9bn.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has said that ageing commercial IT systems, a growing shortage of computer security experts and the rise of ‘user friendly’ hacking tools are adding to the growing threat.

We wholeheartedly welcome this much-needed investment in cyber security

Nigel Taylor

Nigel Taylor, founder and chairman of Taylor Made Computer Solutions, in Fareham, has welcomed the added money that the industry will receive.

Mr Taylor said: ‘We wholeheartedly welcome this much-needed investment in cyber security, which will protect businesses and individuals as well as the country’s security.

‘The risk and frequency of cyber crime is undoubtedly increasing, with latest figures showing it’s businesses that are taking the hardest blow.

‘In this post-Brexit climate it’s vital that we position the UK as a good – and safe – place to do business online. As the chancellor says, trust in the internet and the infrastructure on which is relies is fundamental to our future, and the announcement goes some way to reassure businesses that cyber security is high on the agenda.

‘We’re particularly pleased to see part of the £1.9bn funding package will go towards education and training of cybersecurity experts. The online landscape is evolving at an incredible pace and it’s important that we remain right at the forefront of the latest changes in order to be one step ahead of these cyber criminals.’