Group lobbying would-be MPs on pollution problems

John Vivian from the Parish Ecology Group is leading walks to highlight climate change
John Vivian from the Parish Ecology Group is leading walks to highlight climate change
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A CHURCH ecology group is organising walks to highlight the need for climate change action.

The Parish Ecology Group (PEG), from the Sacred Heart Church in Fareham, and the green organisation Fareham Breathe, is pushing prospective MPs for better air, transport, health and environment.

Throughout June, volunteers will be leading Fresh Air walks around Fareham.

John Vivian, from PEG, said: ‘The Fresh Air events are to highlight the need to badger our representatives to do something about the pollution in our towns and cities.

‘We have contacted each of the candidates who want to be our MP for Fareham and asked all of them to tell us what their respective polices are on air pollution.

‘Something has to be done.

‘Instead of pandering to the motor vehicles that are contributing to the air we breathe, proper answers have to be made to convince us, the electorate, that instead of continually harping on about Brexit they will get on with sorting the real problems, like climate change.’

The first walk is on Monday, June 5 at 10.30am.

John said all the candidates have been invited to walk with the group ‘to show they care about the levels of pollution in the local area’.

All those who wish to take part in the walk should meet at the rose tree in Henry Cort Sculpture Park, opposite the Ironmaster Pub, in West Street.

The walkers will be wearing anti-pollution masks while walking along West Street past the bus station, the Sacred Heart Church, and following a route along the A32 towards Gosport and back via the Baptist Church.

Fareham Breathe was formed with the Parish Ecology Group (PEG) as a result of the Hampshire Climate Action Network’s concerns about air pollution.

As a result they have declared June a Fresh Air month.

The group is concerned with pollution in Fareham and Gosport.

For more infirmation contact Fareham Breathe and PEG on 01329 319301 or mail