‘Heartbroken’ Fareham woman writes emotional open letter to burglar who stole engagement ring 

The ring was stolen during a break-in last week
The ring was stolen during a break-in last week
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A Fareham woman has written an emotional open letter to a burglar who stole her engagement ring.  

The ring was stolen during a break-in at the women’s home in the early hours of Wednesday last week. 

Sentimental pictures of the victim's late father were also taken during the burglary. 

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Here is the letter in full:

Dear Burglar.
You broke into my house in Fareham early hours of Wednesday 11th July and stole my husbands Mercedes and luckily for you, you grabbed my handbag too.
I wonder to myself how you would feel if this happened to your mother, sister or daughter. 
It appears you were busy that night too, what with other break-ins locally.
So you have my husbands laptop, his bags, his wallets, his sunglasses but what breaks my heart is you stole my bag too.
It’s not the Gucci purse, as old as it is, it’s not the cash nor the lengthy time it takes to sort the numerous credit, debit, store cards, the driving license, the general drain on my emotions.

It’s the fact my engagement ring was in my purse because I had put it in there that day.
Two days previously having taken my ring off due to the hot weather and my fingers swelling in the heat, I lost it.

This was devastating for both my husband & myself, still, there was always hope that it could be found.

I retraced my steps on Monday with the help of friends and on Tuesday I did the same.

The elation I felt when I found it on my Mums driveway was magical.
I can’t tell you how I have beaten myself up for not putting it straight into my jewellery box as soon as I got home but it’s not my fault it’s yours.

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I should feel safe to leave my ring in My purse, in My bag in My home. Now I am left devastated for the second time but with no hope of ever seeing it again.
You have probably pawned my ring by now, maybe even given it to a loved one. Although that is just poor form.

Again I am left pondering how you would react if the ring you and your girl had spent choosing together was stolen?
You have no idea what you do to your victims. You play an unfair game.

You know who I am, you have my purse, my driving licence, my cards, the photo of my late Dad, my bother in Australia, oh and did I mention my engagement ring.

Where as I’m left wondering if you’ll visit again, secretly & silently in the early hours of the morning.
Fortunately due to technology we have my husbands car back.

The tracker says you left it at 5.58am Wednesday 11th July in Tredegar Road, Southsea.

Alas my ring is lost to me forever.
From the heartbroken girl whose house you broke into and stole her precious engagement ring.