‘I was treated like a murderer’ – Devastated boyfriend speaks out after woman found dead

Gary Davies spoke out after an inquest into the death of his girlfriend Donna Jones who died in Portchester. Picture: Steve Deeks
Gary Davies spoke out after an inquest into the death of his girlfriend Donna Jones who died in Portchester. Picture: Steve Deeks
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A devastated man has revealed his torment after being made to feel like a ‘murderer’ when his partner was found dead at his address.

Gary Davies was arrested and questioned by police after his long term girlfriend Donna Jones, 47, was discovered motionless at his Newtown house in Portchester on April 22 last year after taking heroin.

The 51-year-old explained that he loved his girlfriend of 18 years ‘very much’ and tried to save her after witnessing her dying moments.

But despite trying to help police and ambulance by providing the drugs Ms Jones had taken, he said he was the victim of a witch-hunt.

‘I was treated like a murderer after Donna died,’ Mr Davies told The News. ‘The police arrested me on the same day she died - it was disgusting treatment by them after I had tried to save Donna’s life. I even showed them where the drugs were that she had taken. Her family and friends turned against me as well.

‘I loved Donna very much and only tried to help her through her struggles. I helped get her off alcohol after years of use and stood by her. I just tried to do my best for the girl. I miss her loads.

‘She nearly died once before after taking heroin but I called out the doctor before she was saved.’

Portsmouth Coroner’s Court heard Ms Jones was a long term alcohol and drug user - with her a regular user of heroin and other substances including crack cocaine which ultimately contributed to her demise.

Forensic pathologist Dr Russell Delaney said her long term addictions led to her suffering with hepatitis C and liver cirrhosis which brought on pneumonia.

‘Ms Jones had scars on both groins and on her back right knee there were multiple puncture marks consistent with injecting,’ he told the inquest.

He also revealed there were no signs of a struggle before her death.

He said: ‘There were no injuries to suggest an assault or that she was restrained and she had no internal injuries. There were signs of pneumonia which provides an explanation for her sudden death.’

The inquest heard how Ms Jones, who had asthma, had been taking heroin on the evening of April 21 which led to her struggling with her breathing after initially appearing fine. She had been with friends Lisa Plested and Jay Dugan before they went home.

Describing the moment when he first thought something was wrong, Mr Davies said: ‘Donna fell asleep like normal that night. I heard her get up in the middle of the night - I think to smoke some more heroin. She called out she was “alright”.

‘The next day when I went to check on her after her friend Lisa came over she was struggling to breathe. I went over to her and she squeezed my hand and said “I love you”, before her eyes dilated and she stopped breathing.

‘I went into a massive panic and got her on the floor and started doing CPR and called the ambulance. When they turned up I told them to “save her”. I was really upset.’

Despite paramedics best attempts she was pronounced dead at 9pm.

Det Con Peter Eamer told the inquest police launched an investigation into manslaughter and drugs supplied to Ms Jones before concluding there was insufficient evidence.

Coroner David Horsley concluded Ms Jones died of long term use of drugs and alcohol.

He said: ‘Donna had a long history of taking drugs and alcohol and was clearly addicted.

‘This long term addiction, as well as her drug taking the night before, led to her death.’