Meet the mum ‘determined’ to revive a pub just 18 months after a personal tragedy

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A MOTHER of four is ‘determined’ to make a success of a previously failing pub just 18 months after losing her husband.

Lorraine Witheyman has spent the last few months tidying up The Good Intent in Fareham after it received a zero hygiene rating under the previous owners.

The Good Intent landlady, Lorraine Witheyman

The Good Intent landlady, Lorraine Witheyman

The 49-year-old said: ‘This is a last chance saloon for the pub the building owners Admiral Taverns have told me but I am absolutely determined to make a success of it because I really think it can be an amazing community pub.

‘I have big plans for it and we have launched a new gin menu ready for our opening night on Thursday and lots of other exciting things as well.

‘I just want it to be somewhere you can bring the kids, your dog, family and friends. You can watch sport on the TV or projector or sit in a quieter place for a chat as well.’

Lorraine, who used to run a pub in Emsworth back in 2000, decided it was time to get back in to the industry after her husband committed suicide.

She said: ‘This pub has been something to focus on and got me out the house instead of sitting and thinking about it.

‘I needed to go back in to full time work and when I saw this opportunity I knew it was the right thing to do. It is a new beginning for the pub and a new beginning for me as well.’

Due to the zero rating, Lorraine is unable to serve food but she is passionate about providing the whole pub package.

She said: ‘I want to serve food and will do in the future but due to the previous owners getting a zero I can’t at the moment but getting a new rating is one of the first things I will be doing after opening.’

Lorraine, who has lived in Fareham for over 28 years, has been tidying up the place with the help of her four children.

She said: ‘When I moved in it was a bit of a tip so we have tarted up the place but Admiral Taverns have said they will pay for a £300,000 refurbishment if my first year is successful which I know it will be.

‘I also would not have been able to do any of this without the help and support of my children.

‘I know the community quite well so am looking forward to serving them.’

The pub in Trinity Street is reopening this Thursday, August 23, at 4pm.