Multi-storey car park targeted for housing in Fareham centre plans

Osborn Road multi-storey car park, which could be demolished for housing
Osborn Road multi-storey car park, which could be demolished for housing
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PLANS to transform a town centre could see a multi-storey car park brought down to be replaced by housing.

Fareham Borough Council announced it is to undertake a survey over the coming months into the town centre’s shops, restaurants, leisure venues and potential housing options.

According to the council’s executive leader Sean Woodward this could see the multi-storey car park in Osborn Road demolished and replaced by housing.

He said: ‘The driver for this project is the search for housing.

‘We need another 2,000 homes in the borough and we’re doing this survey to see about building housing within the town centre.

‘Osborn Road is coming to the end of its lifetime and 
it could definitely be brought down in place of housing.’

The town’s car parking arrangements are one of the key areas being targeted by the survey with the council seeking to determine the level of demand.

Council officers will be identifying parking patterns of those using the car parks ahead of the consultation.

Liberal Democrat 
councillor Shaun Cunningham said: ‘This shows that the council is working to really improve the town centre and bring more people back into Fareham.

‘It’s no secret that people have been drifting away from the town centre in recent years.’

On the possibility that the car park could be brought down for housing, 
Cllr Cunningham urged for the authority to look elsewhere.

He added: ‘I’d be very against looking at the town’s car parks for housing.

‘They are vital and we need to keep them to provide the space to 
accommodate the town centre’s growth.’

Cllr Cunningham said that the council needed to look at ‘the wider picture’ when it came to the town centre and that shoppers should be consulted ahead of any changes.

Cllr Keith Evans, executive member for planning added: ‘Understanding the needs of car park’s users in the centre will allow us to ensure that we continue to provide adequate parking provision as part of our vision.’