PGL is a chance for us to get stuck in

ACTIVE Girlguides had to make a raft and race it around a lake at the PGL camp
ACTIVE Girlguides had to make a raft and race it around a lake at the PGL camp
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One of the favourite holidays for Guides and Brownies is a visit to PGL, who are a GirlguidingUK partner.

Lots of Guide groups can be seen at PGL during the year, including the 2nd Stubbington Guides.

Angela Fry, division commissioner for Gosport South Division, said: ‘We are lucky to have two nearby PGL venues – one near Petersfield and one on the Isle of Wight.

‘It gives us a chance to stretch our boundaries and try lots of new adventurous activities.

‘It’s even better that the leaders get to join in too, so rather than just facilitate the activities we can get wet, tired and mucky with them.

‘It sparks a different relationship with the girls, because we are just getting stuck in.’

Before the event, the girls got to vote on the activities that they would most like to try.

It’s rare to hear any groans when the programme is put up, unless, of course, they are on early breakfast.

Teenagers and early breakfasts are not a good 
mix especially when they have spent half the night chatting.

But the younger girls have great fun motivating the older ones, as they are raring to go to the first activity.

Angela explained: ‘This year saw us heading out on a chilly but dry morning to try out archery and zip wire.

‘We’re always so active that the girls don’t get cold, along with the kit list asking for lots of layers and waterproofs.’

What better way to get ready for lunch than by building a raft and racing the other team around the lake hoping that your raft remains intact.

‘The six girls and leaders on each raft tried hard to hold steady as one needs to alight, do the forfeit and jump back on again.

‘This invariably left the Guides with a chilling dip in the lake, but they didn’t mind because everyone was laughing.

‘This fun theme follows throughout the holiday while the girls quad bike, climb, swing and abseil.

‘They also had the opportunity to muck around in the woods in the evening, playing hide and seek or treasure hunt games, all organised by the PGL staff.

‘Finally we all returned home, tired and muddy.’'

PGL takes its name from the initials of its founder 
– Peter Gordon Lawrence, who started leading canoe trips down the River Wye in 1957.

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