Plans go in to build six new hangars at Solent Aiport as part of £50m masterplan

The airfield at Daedalus Picture: Jason Hawkes
The airfield at Daedalus Picture: Jason Hawkes
  • Six new hangars planned at Solent Airport
  • Council that owns site says business is ‘booming’
  • Plans part of £50m masterplan
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BUSINESS is booming at Solent Airport as plans go in for six more aircraft hangars to catch up with the demand.

Fareham Borough Council, who own the airport, have submitted a planning application to themselves to boost their numbers of hangars after being flooded with demand from other businesses interested in using them.

What this shows is that business is indeed booming at the airport.

Councillor Sean Woodward

The application, which was submitted last week, comes with 36 car parking spaces and six extra disability parking spaces.

It follows the rebranding of the airport last month and the new hangars are part of a £50m masterplan to transform the site into a business airport.

Councillor Sean Woodward, leader of Fareham Borough Council said: ‘What this shows is that business is indeed booming at the airport.

‘We have very interested parties looking to rent their own hangars on the site so we are now moving forward with our plans to add further facilities at the site.’

The council are also planning to extend the runway at the airport by an extra hundred yards as well as install runway lighting.

If planning consent is granted for the project, then building could get underway on the hangars early next year.

‘This shows further evidence about the success of the airport.

‘We have always targeted the business sector to become a prime business airport so this is just another step towards that aim.’

The airport currently has a dozen hangars available for use, though a few could be refurbished or replaced in the coming years.

It currently takes in an annual movement of around 20,000 aircraft at the moment but the airport is hoping to extend that to 40,000.

The application’s design and access statement reads: ‘The purpose of these hangars is twofold. First of all, they will assist the council in relocating existing businesses from their current locations, secondly, they will meet the unmet demand for hangar space.’