POLL RESULTS: Readers criticise idea of tourist tax in Fareham

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PROPOSALS to introduce the so-called ‘tourist tax’ into Fareham have been criticised by The News readers.

Councillor Roger Price, leader of the Liberal Democrats on Fareham Borough Council, suggested that implementing the tax in the town would recoup funds needed to run services and prevent the rise of council tax in the future.

The News ran an online poll on Wednesday asking readers whether or not they agreed with the idea or if they were unsure.

A total of 193 people voted in the poll, with 79 per cent of readers stating that introducing the tax would be a bad idea. 13 per cent were in favour of the proposal while eight per cent were unsure.

Simon White posted on The News’s Facebook page: ‘This kind of attitude killed Gosport’s high street over night.’

Les Lewis also questioned the idea, stating: ‘Don’t the businesses that deal with tourists such as hotels already pay business rates which I imagine would be based on how many rooms they have amongst other things? So in effect, what this councillor is proposing is taxing the same thing twice.’

Rosemary Parsonage added: ‘Tourist tax is a ridiculous idea - you want to attract tourists, not drive them away! I am very fond of Fareham but no way could you consider it a holiday resort.’