REBECCA TRAYNOR: The goal is to mentor, guide and support

A gentle game like petanque is great for keeping older people stimulated
A gentle game like petanque is great for keeping older people stimulated
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According to Age UK, statistics show that hundreds of thousands of elderly people become cut off from society due to loneliness – especially those over the age of 75.

Community Action Fareham has partnered with Fareham Northwest Community Association to form the Fareham NorthWest Community Action committee (FNWCOA).

They have identified that such a group as the Tea, Talk and ‘Tonk (short for petanque) was needed in order to engage a healthier and more community-orientated local group for seniors to take part in and feel safe doing it.

As we all know, afternoon tea clubs have been a traditional way to bring people and the community together, so why not add petanque and other light sporting activities such as ping-pong, new age kurling and also a range of table-top games such as cards, chess, dominoes, and other suggestions that participants may be interested in?

The goal of FNWCOA is to mentor, guide and support participants so that they can become a self-sustaining social group.

In neighbouring district Portchester, Paradise in Portchester has been established with a similar grant.

The purpose is to encourage local people to come together, using the local resources and opportunities in their area.

This was six years ago, and it has since become a vibrant, self-directing, self-sustaining community group.

The aim is to do just that with the FNWCOA project, Tea, Talk and ‘Tonk.

In addition to that, they will also organise a range of informative talks which it is hoped will further add to safeguarding to improve personal health and safety.

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