REV JANET TREVITHICK: We know that God answers prayers

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YOU may have seen that the Archbishops of Canterbury and York were encouraging Christians around the world to pray specifically for 10 days recently.

Their Thy Kingdom Come initiative involved thousands of churches across the country organising special prayer meetings between Ascension Day and Pentecost, where Christians prayed for others to respond to the good news about Jesus.

Our response to the initiative this year was to hold a 24 hour prayer vigil at St Peter’s Church.

It began at 7.30pm on the Tuesday with a short service of Compline, or Night Prayer.

It was extremely well attended and provided great encouragement and some excitement as the vigil started.

The church had been beautifully prepared with five different prayer stations, each with a different opportunity to engage with prayer – and one contained prayerful activities for children.

People could drop in and use the prayer stations whenever they liked.

Three people per hour were available to pray and greet people during the day in church, and overnight, when the church itself was closed, prayer continued in the chapter room.

The prayer vigil concluded on the Wednesday evening with a short service of thanksgiving.

It was a wonderful and encouraging 24 hours as Titchfield came together in church to offer ours and community prayers.

Those who took part all felt truly blessed themselves in adding significantly to the worldwide wave of prayer.

Even just planning the event was a tremendous opportunity for us to think about prayer, how we pray and how we can open up the possibility of an experience of prayer to those in the local community.

We put leaflets and posters into homes and businesses in and around the village.

Residents could ask for us to pray something specific for them, and we did so during the prayer vigil.

We know that God answers prayers, and we’d be happy to pray for anything that is affecting you.

Our 24 hours of prayer is over, but we can pray for you privately or at one of our midweek services.

Do contact our parish office on 01329 847003 or and we’d be only too glad to help.

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