Shoppers can support dog charity

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The Rotary Club of Fareham is urging shoppers to show their support for assistance dog charity Canine Partners.

Canine Partners assistance dogs are trained to perform everyday tasks that people with disabilities find difficult, painful or impossible to do for themselves.

These include tasks such as opening and closing doors, pressing buttons, retrieving items, unloading washing machines or taking card and cash from ATMs.

Shoppers can donate at the Rotary wishing well in Fareham Shopping Centre.

Rotary Club of Fareham president Bob Mussellwhite said: ‘As Rotarians we offer our assistance where we can and this seemed a noble Fareham charity for us to help. I hope shoppers “paws” a while to donate what they can to help and it will be in place until after Easter.’

Laura Molyneaux, communications officer at the charity, said: ‘We are delighted the Rotary Club of Fareham has chosen to support Canine Partners.

‘We do not receive any government funding and rely solely on donations and legacies, so all the money raised will help train assistance dogs for disabled people and will be truly life-changing.’

The service has made a huge difference to Jenni Bevis-Lacey, who has rheumatoid arthritis. Her dog LBE, is four years old and has supported and befriended Jenni for two years.