Tesco launches investigation after Fareham staff member’s mock hanging picture on Facebook

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A SUPERMARKET giant will launch a probe into a photograph taken by one of its employees.

Tesco is set to investigate after a member of staff in Fareham uploaded a photograph to social media.

Taken at Tesco’s Quay Street store, the image depicted an employee pretending to hang themself with a piece of cord attached to a trolley.

The worker was pictured in uniform in one of the store’s stockrooms.

The photograph was uploaded to a public Facebook page and was sent via the mobile image-sharing service, Snapchat, before being taken offline.

After the firm received an online complaint about the photo, a spokesperson for Tesco said: ‘We have a clear social media policy that our colleagues are expected to follow and it is clear that this photo should not have been taken or shared online.

‘We are now carrying out a full investigation and apologise for any offence or upset caused by this image.’