‘They must be remembered’: Campaign launched to install new war memorial plaque in Portchester

  • Campaign launched to install new war memorial plaque at Portchester’s St Mary’s Church
  • Plaque would have names of more than 120 service personnel killed in the Second World War
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THOSE who died in the war will always be remembered by our village.

This is the message from a group of campaigners who have revealed plans to build a new war memorial plaque for the servicemen and civilians who lived in Portchester and lost their lives during the Second World War.

Kate Tame and Cllr Roger Price next to the current First World War  plaque inside St Mary's Church in Portchester Castle. ''Picture: Sarah Standing (170259-7003)

Kate Tame and Cllr Roger Price next to the current First World War plaque inside St Mary's Church in Portchester Castle. ''Picture: Sarah Standing (170259-7003)

Researcher Kate Tame has compiled a list of 125 names of servicemen from Portchester who died in the war, representing those who served in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Air Force, Army and the Home Guard. A further 13 civilians killed have also been named.

Kate has formed a committee with Councillor Roger Price, Fareham borough ward member for Portchester East, and Rev Ian Meredith at Portchester’s St Mary’s Church, with a plan to have the names installed on a new war memorial plaque in the church.

The brass plaque with the names, listed on this page, would be placed beside the church’s existing memorial.

Ms Tame, of The Thicket, Portchester, said: ‘I was quite shocked when I realised we did not have anything in or around Portchester in memory of the Second World War.

I was astounded to then find all these names and the important thing for me now is that we have them on show so people can remember their names and the sacrifices that they made.

Kate Tame, researcher

‘I was astounded to then find all these names and the important thing for me now is that we have them on show so people can remember their names and the sacrifices that they made.

‘They lost their lives due to enemy actions and we need to remember them when we reflect on our history.’

The names were discovered by Ms Tame while researching the writing of a new book into the village’s history from 1938 to 1948.

Cllr Price said he was looking at obtaining funding from the council in order to help build the plaque.

St Mary's Church in Portchester Castle

St Mary's Church in Portchester Castle

He said: ‘We now want the public to come forward with any ideas for the plaque and are urging schools to suggest ideas for texts or quotes that can be installed with the plaque.

‘It’s a topic that we know the community will have strong feelings about and so we want to hear their thoughts and also we don’t want to miss any names out.’

Kate has also unearthed a further seven names which could be added to the church’s existing First World War memorial.

The committee’s plans comes after Jean Louth’s 27-year campaign to create a monument to honour all those in Portsmouth that had been killed during the Second World War.

The names of hundreds of RAF and army personnel were added to the war memorial in Guildhall Square last year.

Get in touch with the committee at stmaryoffice@btconnect.com



Bates, William John, 21, RAF

Branton *, Leonard, 26, RAF

Grice, Reuben Arthur William, 33, RAF

Tribe, Frank, 28, RAF

Lawrence, William Norman, 37, RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)

Bates, Raymond Leonard, 21, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Climo, Rendle George William, 29, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Cook, Douglas Richard, 21, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Fuller, William Milo Charles, 22, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Hepplewhite, Davidson William, 27, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Hulse, Arthur Leslie, 20, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Mitchell, Jack, 24, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Painting *, Herbert Philip, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Powell, William Walter, 39, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Richards, Jack William, 31, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Salisbury, George Edward, 20, RAF Vol Reserve


Baker, Geoffrey Conway, 19, Royal Fusiliers (City Of London Regiment)

Barnes *, Stanley Cyril, 24, The Queen’s Royal Regiment (West Surrey)

Gillard *, George William, 53, Hampshire Regiment

Hayman, Cyril Dennis, 29, Witwatersrand Rifles/Regiment De La Rey, S.A. Forces

Hayter *, Victor John, 24, Hampshire Regiment 5th Bn

Hewitt *, John E, 32, Royal Electrical And Mechanical Engineers

Houghton, David Josiah Wilfred, 26, Hampshire Regiment

Hunt, Douglas Harry, 21, Royal Artillery

Llewellyn, Harold Gregory, 35, South Wales Borderers

Marchant, Leslie Harold, 36, Royal Artillery

Mcgee, Frank, 40, Royal Artillery

Meaden, Arthur Frederick, 49, Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Mills *, Gordon John, Royal Engineers

Moore, John, 24, Hampshire Regiment

Moore, Ernest George, 31, Hampshire Regiment

New, John Henry, 31, Royal Armoured Corps

Paice, Stanley Owen, 27, Royal Army Service Corps

Penn *, Frank Arthur, 21, Pioneer Corps

Pink, Sydney Herbert G., 32, Highland Light Infantry (City Of Glasgow Regiment)

Rabone, Richard William, 37, Royal Engineers

Russell, Charles William, 45, 48th Highlanders Of Canada, R.C.I.C.

Sadler, Percy Lawrence, 25, Reconnaissance Corps

Southwood, Peter John, 19, Hampshire Regiment

Spencer *, Partick Arthur Terrance, , Royal Army Service Corp.

Squire, Dennis Arthur, 26, Hampshire Regiment

Stamp, Edward James, 33, Royal Corps Of Signals

Starks, Eric Albert, 24, Royal Tank Regiment, RAC

Suter, Ernest Samuel, 35, Royal Engineers

Varley, Cecil William Thomas, 24, Dorsetshire Reg

Wallis, Fredrick Edward, 19, Hampshire Regiment

Warder, Alexander Charles, 31, Royal Artillery

Wright, Herbert Charles, 26, British Special Forces

Navy and Marines

Black *, Arthur Charles, 47, Royal Marine Band

Branchflower, William James, 59, Royal Marine Band

Brown, Frederick, 45, Royal Marine Band

Bullock, Henry William, 31, Royal Marines

Burke, Clifford Leonard Lindsay, 33, Royal Indian Navy Volunteer Reserve

Cook, Basil Samuel Creswell, 18, Royal Marines

Palmer, Reginald William, 28, Royal Marines

Patten, Harold York, 22, Royal Marines

Preston, Frederick Henry, 33, Royal Marines

Eldred *, Edward Sturges, 46, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Bartlett, Ronald Herbert, 23, Royal Navy

Bartlett, Bernard Arnold Thomas, 28, Royal Navy

Beckett, Stanley Walter, 33, Royal Navy

Broad, Herbert William, 30, Royal Navy

Brown, Frank, 31, Royal Navy

Campbell, Albert George, 28, Royal Navy

Clarke, Robert Edwin, 38, Royal Navy

Clasby, Charles Edwin, 40, Royal Navy

Connor, John, 31, Royal Navy

Cooper, Albert James, 42, Royal Navy

Cope, Sidney James, 45, Royal Navy

Fielder *, William Henry, , Royal Navy

Gardner, Joseph William, 34, Royal Navy

Harman, Leonard Frederick, 27, Royal Navy

Hewett, Edward Rowland, 39, Royal Navy

Hills, Leonard Matthew, 21, Royal Navy

Hinde, Horatio John, 31, Royal Navy

Hitches, Leonard Richard, 23, Royal Navy

Holland, Cecil, 27, Royal Navy

Howden, Robert Homer, 29, Royal Navy

Jacobs, Albert Edward, 47, Royal Navy

Jacobs, George Edward, 29, Royal Navy

Jones *, Albert ‘Bert’ Edward, , Royal Navy

Keeton, Cyril, 39, Royal Navy

Layhe, Albert John, 32, Royal Navy

Leishman, William, 40, Royal Navy

Maynard, Walter, 42, Royal Navy

Mckay, William, 28, Royal Navy

Mclean, Andrew, 55, Royal Navy

Meaden, Frederick Edwin Bryant, 38, Royal Navy

Middleton, William Gordon, 46, Royal Navy

Miller, John Henry William, 33, Royal Navy

Moore *, Frederick James Bill, 35, Royal Navy

Morgan, Harold, 39, Royal Navy

Nail, Frederick Arthur, 33, Royal Navy

Needham, Robert C., 36, Royal Navy

Offord *, Victor Jack, , Royal Navy

Osborne, Thomas George, 19, Royal Navy

Paget, Bertram Charles, 28, Royal Navy

Plaskett, Sidney Laurence, 32, Royal Navy

Pope, Frederick George Edward, 32, Royal Navy

Randall, William George, 37, Royal Navy

Read, Douglas, 17, Royal Navy

Russell, Alfred Spalding, 48, Royal Navy

Russell, Arthur Charles, 41, Royal Navy

Sandilands, Charles Ambrose, 36, Royal Navy

Saunders, Ronald Thomas, 22, Royal Navy

Smith, John Henry, 39, Royal Navy

Smith, George William, 37, Royal Navy

Smith, Bernard Frank, 23, Royal Navy

Smith, Frederick Harry Stanley, 36, Royal Navy

Sparkes, Frederick Walter, 33, Royal Navy

Sprakes, John, 48, Royal Navy

Stokes, John, 40, Royal Navy

Sturgess *, Cyril Leslie, 28, Royal Navy

Thorpe *, George Edward, 25, Royal Navy

Timms, Frederick James, 42, Royal Navy

Truckle, Major Thomas, 32, Royal Navy

Walker, Frederick, 33, Royal Navy

Wearn, Arthur John Frederick, 20, Royal Navy

Wilkinson, Leonard, 37, Royal Navy

Willy, Denis Gerald, 27, Royal Navy

Wrigglesworth, Walter James Wilfred, 29, RN

Home Guard

Barber, Stephen George, 39, Home Guard

Brudenell, Leonard Bertrand, 56, Home Guard


Darnborough, John Richard, 1Y 11M; Gibson, Andrew, 7; Gibson, Isabell, 8; Hayter, Florence Esther, 35; Hayter, Marion Joyce, 5; Hayter, Raymond Roy, 13; Hoar, Violet Emily, 34; Holmes, Arthur Henry, 40; Meades, Margarette, 11; Pitman, George Ernest, 74; Turp, Ada Doris, 31; Wiltshire, Elsie May, 35; Wiltshire, George Raymond, three