Titchfield club left ‘angry’ after late night break-in

The Titchfield Old English Bowling Club in Bridge Street
The Titchfield Old English Bowling Club in Bridge Street
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BOWLERS have been left angry after thieves broke into their club and stole equipment worth £220 .

The Titchfield Old English Bowling Club in Bridge Street was raided at 4.45am on Sunday.

Club secretary Gary Rathke said: ‘I was very angry when I got the call about the incident.

‘I’ve really no idea why they would want to break in.

‘Luckily they did not cause much vandalism to the club house when they broke in.

However, we’re just perplexed as to why they did it.’

Mr Rathke added that the club will be able to recoup the costs of the break-in through insurance and that heavy-duty locks will now be fitted.

He said: ‘Hopefully we can stop this from happening again.’

Phillip Allison, a member of the club, said: ‘We’re lucky as they probably would have taken more items if they hadn’t been so heavy.

‘I’m glad that nothing else was taken.’

A neighbour on Bridge Street, who did not wish to be named, was woken by the break-in and, after investigating the incident, notified the police immediately.

He said: ‘I was woken by a loud noise from across the street.

‘I saw a van with its headlights on and the engine was making a racket.

‘It sounded like a break-in and then I spotted a young man running to the van.

‘He was legging it over and then suddenly another one of them came out behind him before they drove away.

‘I think they must have used a crowbar in order to get access to the club.

‘I called the police right away.

‘There must have been at least three of them there.

‘It did not look like a professional job, if I’m honest, They were making far too much noise.’

The van is believed to have driven north and headed in the direction of Stubbington.

Two brush cutters were stolen from the mower store during the break-in.

The neighbour added: ‘Sadly this seems to be another example of outbuilding theft that we have been experiencing in this area lately.’

Police are still investigating the incident and are urging people to come forward.

If you have any more information on the incident, please call police on 101.