VIDEO: Brave fundraisers walk across fire to raise funds for The Rainbow Centre

Members of the PDBKA celebrate their fun day and centenary.  '''Picture: Duncan Shepherd

Fun day celebrates 100 years of Portsmouth and District Bee Keepers Association

  • Fundraisers take on hot coals of fire to raise funds for Fareham’s The Rainbow Centre
  • Group of 40 walked across coals as hot as 600 degrees celsius
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WALKING on fire is something that would terrify most people.

But 40 hardened souls were not to be deterred as they took on the hot coals to raise funds for a charity which helps children with cerebral palsy and other conditions.

Susan Schonegevel braves the coals Picture: Ian Hargreaves (161343-2)

Susan Schonegevel braves the coals Picture: Ian Hargreaves (161343-2)

The courageous participants braved hot coals of about 600C in a challenge to raise funds for The Rainbow Centre in Fareham yesterday.

After a pep talk to stoke up each participant’s confidence, the eager group headed out into the garden of the Bradbury Building to take on the challenge.

There were no deserters during the challenge with many eager to try more than once.

Taking on the challenge was Susan Schonegevel, 49, who drove down from Farnham to beat the task as part of her Duke of Edinburgh diamond challenge.

You’re stood there thinking if everybody else can do this then so can I!

Susan Schonegevel, 49

She said: ‘I absolutely loved it. Of course, it feels warm on your feet, but not the exact temperature of what it actually is.

‘I was a little nervous about taking it on but to me it was almost like an end goal, I looked ahead of me and thought “you can do this”.

‘You’re stood there thinking if everybody else can do this then so can I!

‘I think it shows that if you’ve got a goal then you have to go for it.’

Peter England, 40, from Cosham also took on the challenge.

He said: ‘I felt really prepared for it but I was still nervous walking up to it. It’s a great feeling when you realise that you’ve done it.’

Peter walked across the two metre stretch of coals twice, and was taking the challenge on as part of a team from Swinton Insurance.

He added: ‘It is great to see so many people head down to this, I’m sure we will have raised lots of money for such a worthwhile cause.’

The participants were under the guidance of Scott Bell, who has previously walked over hot coals for a 100 metres and twice held the Guinness World Record for firewalking.

Jeff Shrimpton, 43, from Park Gate, was walking across the coals for the second time.

He said: ‘I definitely felt the heat more this time. It’s a really strange feeling beneath your feet but it is also just a really fun thing to do.

‘It’s also all for such a great cause and I hope we’ve raised a lot of money today.’