VIDEO: ‘My home of 20 years is now a living nightmare’

  • Fareham woman’s home has become drenched with mold growing in the carpet after a series of leaks
  • She says the place has become a ‘hell hole’
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A WOMAN is being driven to despair after her home of 20 years turned into a drenched ‘hell hole’ within the space of five months.

Susan Leal’s home in Park Walk, Fareham has become a ‘living nightmare’ after her stopcock started leaking back in April this year and despite her repeated pleas to the Hyde Group, the company from which she rents the house, to sort out the issue, it is yet to be resolved.

The damage caused to Susan Leal's home

The damage caused to Susan Leal's home

A private contractor fixed the stopcock last month but the leakage problems have continued to exacerbate in the home.

Ms Leal hired a plumber to take a look at the house last Saturday and he revealed that a pipe has been leaking under the kitchen sink for some time.

The 53-year-old said: ‘My house has become a hellhole.

‘It’s been a living nightmare the last few months and I can’t quite believe this is what my home’s come to.

It’s been a living nightmare the last few months and I can’t quite believe this is what my home’s come to

Susan Leal, 53

‘I’ve been using my own clothes and sheets to block the water and it’s made the place smell horrible.

‘There’s white mould growing on the carpet and it feels like it is getting worse and worse. It is just disgusting and I feel like I’m making myself ill by being here.

‘People keep telling me to leave but I won’t. This is my home of 20 years and I want it sorted.’

She added that the Hyde Group have told her that it is looking into providing alternative accommodation in the meantime but that there have been constant delays into sorting out a property.

Tony Morgan, director of resident services for the south said: ‘We appreciate that this is a far from ideal situation and understand Ms Leal’s frustration at what must feel like a lack of progress.

‘However, we are talking to her about the best way forward and we are working hard to address all issues as quickly as possible.

‘We will continue to do everything we can to make sure that Ms Leal can settle comfortably into her home at the earliest opportunity.’