WATCH: Girls cash in on great idea to raise funds for musical instruments

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A SCHOOL is quids in thanks to the triumphant effort of the 204 pupils who spent their Easter holidays raising money for musical instruments.

Each child from Wallisdean Junior School in Fareham was given £1 to take away over the two-week break, and asked to do their best to turn that coin into something of higher value.

Keira Brown (9), Emmie Nother (10) and Annabelle Adams (10).''Picture: Sarah Standing (170588-1235)

Keira Brown (9), Emmie Nother (10) and Annabelle Adams (10).''Picture: Sarah Standing (170588-1235)

But it was three Year 5 girls who raised a whopping of £400 of the £1,400 raised so far, by coming up with an inventive way to generate cash.

Shelley Adams, mum of 10-year-old Annabelle Adams who took part, said: ‘Annabelle and her two friends Emmie Nother and Keira Brown decided to put their pound coins together and buy some raffle tickets.

‘They asked family and friends to donate prizes for people to win, and ended up with an Easter basket, a cake, and a bottle of Prosecco.

‘Once they had those they went to the Co-op on Fairfield Road, staff at which agreed to sell the tickets in the shop.

‘A member of staff from Staples then kindly offered to print posters about the raffle for free, the girls wanted to do this to let members of the public know about it.’

On May 4 the raffle was drawn at the school, and prize-winners were informed of their good luck.

Ms Adams added: ‘By selling raffle tickets for 20p each or a strip for £1, the girls raised £400 and I think it’s amazing, they were so dedicated.

‘They worked hard together and the ideas were all their own. They each want to thank those in the community who helped out.

‘They’re going to design a thank-you poster which will be put up in the Co-op.’

The money raised will be spent on musical instruments allowing all children at Wallisdean Junior School to participate in whole class music lessons.

Sandra Cammish, executive headteacher, said: ‘I think the idea the girls came up with was enterprising and well thought out, I’m really proud of them and all the other pupils for putting in such an outstanding effort.’

And the three pupils were certainly pleased when their efforts.

Keira Brown, nine, said: ‘We were really proud when we found out how much we raised.

‘We spent quite a few days during Easter knocking on people’s doors.’