WATCH: M27 motorist caught texting while driving at 50mph towards junction

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A motorist was caught using his mobile phone while driving on the M27 by undercover police. 

The driver was filmed texting while heading eastbound on the motorway approaching junction 9, near Whiteley, by officers. 

Motorist caught texting on M27. Picture: Hampshire Constabulary

Motorist caught texting on M27. Picture: Hampshire Constabulary

Police used an unmarked lorry to try and catch motorists who are using their mobile phones while driving in a week long clampdown

And footage recorded by officers, which has now been released to the public, shows the driver texting while travelling at 50mph on the M27. 

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Watch the video at the top of the story at the top of the page. 

Police caught around 40 motorists using or being distracted by a mobile phone during the week long operation.

A figure which was down significantly from the 162 caught during a similar enforcement week last January. 

Hampshire Constabulary said: ‘Recently we had an unmarked lorry to detect motorists being distracted or using mobile phones behind the wheel. 
'We saw a big reduction in the numbers caught, last January 162 people were caught using a mobile phone or being distracted, this time round it was 40, this was largely due to a lot less offending being seen.

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‘On top of the phone use we caught eight not in proper control and 23 other offences from insecure loads, speeding and parking on hard shoulder.
‘Those that choose to ignore the law can expect six points on their driving licence and receive a £200 fine.

‘This offending car driver was travelling eastbound on the M27 towards junction 9 around 2pm, he was in lane one texting away at about 50 miles per hour approaching a junction.

‘He was one of 40 vehicles stopped during our distraction enforcement week.
‘Reaction times for drivers using a phone are around 50% slower than normal driving.’