‘Buddy Picnic’ helps to build school friendships

The Buddies' Picnic at Gomer Junior School
The Buddies' Picnic at Gomer Junior School
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IT HAS been described by the staff as the perfect way to prepare children for life in junior school.

The Buddy Picnic at Gomer Juniors was designed as a way for youngsters to get to grips with what it would be like moving up to Key Stage Two, as well as providing them with some familiar faces to talk to when they start in September.

Executive headteacher Georgina Mulhall said: ‘The Buddy Picnic has been an incredible experience for both the staff and the children.

‘It’s a great community event and helps both year groups – the Year 2s get a buddy for when they go to junior school, and the Year 5s learn a bit more about responsibility and friendship.

‘It was an absolutely lovely day. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and the children are ready for life at Gomer Juniors.’