Controversial plans to turn Gosport factory into homes gets second rejection

Camden Terrace in Camden Street, Gosport
Camden Terrace in Camden Street, Gosport
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  • Councillors reject controversial plans for six homes on site of former industrial factory
  • Revised proposals are turned down for the second time
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RESIDENTS have expressed their delight after a controversial planning bid was rejected for the second time.

Gosport Borough Council’s regulatory board turned down an application to transform an industrial factory, in Camden Street, into five two-bedroom houses and one three-bedroom house.

I am really happy with the outcome. The major over development was recognised and my children will still be safe. It is fair to say that we do want houses there - just not that many.

Mike Baker, of Camden Terrace

The revised application came after the board rejected the plan for the site to become seven homes in June.

Residents worried that if the factory, currently occupied by boat cover and marine upholstery firm Tecsew, was to be granted planning permission, it would severely restrict parking and increase congestion.

And they said that the cottages to the north of the land would have no footpath, making it dangerous for children crossing the road after leaving their front gardens.

Dale Fletcher, of Camden Street, said: ‘I and the other residents were delighted with the outcome.

‘We are pleased that we will retain the land,

‘Nonetheless, I would still like to see the factory be replaced by houses.’

Mike Baker, of Camden Terrace, added: ‘I’m really happy with the outcome. The major over-development was recognised and my children will still be safe.

‘It is fair to say that we do want houses there – just not that many.’

Ward councillor Rob Hylands insisted that the board should take the application on its own merit and place it in the same bracket of The Barley Mow, a pub that was granted planning permission to become seven new homes in July.

Cllr Hylands said: ‘Where it is, it will not be a factory for much longer. We will have to go back and come up with something that fits around the neighbours.’

Cllr Dennis Wright, who voted against the application, added: ‘Although housing in Gosport is a priority, we are a land restricted borough and we can’t be putting houses that would be to the detriment of the residents.’

Applicant John Bland recently told The News that the industrial site has been agreed as Tecsew is set to move to the Daedalus Enterprise Zone.

Mr Fletcher added: ‘Whoever the new owner is, they need to work with the residents and the council to find a solution.’