Election gives mandate for IFA2 battle

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SENIOR councillors have vowed to fight plans to build a power plant at Daedalus after winning re-election.

The Gosport councillors said they will fight against National Grid’s IFA2.

John Beavis and Steven Philpott, both councillors at Gosport Borough Council, said in their winning election speeches they would make the fight a top priority.

The huge plant – which will not generate power – will be used to import and export electricity to and from France when needed.

Accepting his re-election to Lee West ward, Cllr John Beavis said the vote gave him a mandate to fight the plan.

Cllr Beavis said: ‘We’re joining forces with Hillhead, Lee, and Peel Common Residents’ Association and Lee Residents to form a team against the proposals.

‘I’m pleased we could get a mandate to get on with that.’

And Cllr Steven Philpott won re-election with 917 votes – the largest number he has ever received.

He put the increase down to anger over IFA2.

Cllr Philpott said: ‘The first thing I do as soon as I get back will be to oppose what National Grid are trying to do here.’

As reported, opponents to the plan say it should be built at Chilling, near Warsash.

Concerns over the plan include its size, location near residential properties, noise and the possibility of electromagnetic radiation.

The proposed site falls within the ownership of Fareham Borough Council, but Gosport councillors have long argued they should have a say too. Public meetings showing plans for IFA2 have met with mixed reaction.

Residents are also concerned about the impact on traffic in the area.