Facebook reacts to Gosport baby death convictions: ‘Their sentences will not be long enough’

HUNDREDS of people have taken to Facebook to react to the news that two people have been convicted, and will be sent to prison, for causing or allowing the death of a 24-day-old baby.

And the overriding message in most comments about the conviction of Roxanne Davis and Samuel Davies after the death of baby Stanley is the same – the 14-year maximum sentence the crime carries is simply not a long-enough punishment.

Roxanne Davis and Samuel Davies

Roxanne Davis and Samuel Davies

Davis, 30 and Davies, 24, were convicted at Winchester Crown Court following a five-week trial after Stanley Davis, from Gosport, died in March 2017 after suffering a fractured skull and a brain haemorrhage. 

Sherryanne Thomson said on The News’ Facebook page: ‘Fourteen years is not enough, they shouldn't see the light of day!!

‘They'll be out early mid 40s, where the justice in that? They took that poor baby’s life away.’

Tony Palmer said: ‘The law needs changing they should serve life.’

Kathleen Matthews said: ‘Whatever they get will not be enough, and will they serve the whole sentence? I don’t think so.’

Many commented other less heinous crimes see defendants getting longer than 14 years in prison – and that compared to this case, that is not right.  

Others reacted with pure sadness and after reading all of the case details were in disbelief at just how much poor Stanley had suffered at the hands of his mother and her former partner.

Kellie Michelle said: ‘So heartbreaking, reading the suffering poor Stanley went through in his very short time in the care of these cruel individuals.

‘RIP sweet beautiful baby angel xxx’

Maria Louise Attard said: ‘That poor tiny little boy must have been in so much pain and just wanted to be loved.

‘He was let down by the two people who were supposed to love and protect him. RIP precious boy xx’

Sarah Louise How added: ‘How could anyone do that to their little newborn baby.

‘There’s only one place for monsters like that. Such a beautiful little angel.’

The Crown Prosecution Service said evidence made it clear Davis and Davies were responsible for the ‘harrowing’ death of Stanley.

The pair, who attempted to blame each other for Stanley’s death, will be sentenced in court next week.