Fire forces helicopter into emergency landing in Gosport

Gosport & Stokes Bay Golf Club - file photo
Gosport & Stokes Bay Golf Club - file photo
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A HELICOPTER pilot was forced into an emergency landing at a golf club after smelling burning in the cockpit.

Firefighters rushed to Gosport and Stokes Bay Golf Club at around 2pm to help the pilot who had flown from Goodwood.

Two crews from Gosport fire station discovered a small electrical fire had burned some wires in a panel in the cockpit.

The pilot was able to safely land the helicopter, which had two women passengers.

Watch manager Rob Sansome said: ‘They were concerned and there was a very strong electrical smell.

‘We pulled apart a bit of the cockpit and there was burned wires.

‘It didn’t affet the flying of the helicopter.’

Firefighters used a thermal imaging camera to find where the blaze had started.