Firefighters rescue polecat stuck between cage bars in Gosport

polecat by david green
polecat by david green
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Firefighters in Gosport had a rather unusual animal rescue last night - when they helped rescue a polecat from the bars of a dog cage.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue said it received a call at about 10.05pm to say the poor animal had become trapped at a house in Dukes Road.

Bolt cutters were used to free the animal before it was returned to its owners.

A spokesman said the animal was ‘in some pain’ but luckily not seriously injured.

Specialist animal rescue officers were called in for the rescue, though the RSPCA were not needed.

The fire crew gave the all clear signal at 10.53pm.

The polecat is a member of the Mustelid family, and is roughly the size of a ferret.

They have a two-tone coat, dark brown guard hairs covering a buff-coloured underfur.