Gosport baby death: Readers react on Facebook after Roxanne Davis and Samuel Davies are jailed

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Today Roxanne Davis, 30, and her ex-partner Samuel Davies, 24, were sentenced to a combined 20 years in prison after being found guilty of causing the death of newborn baby Stanley Davis.

Since the news broke of the couple’s sentencing, tributes for Stanley – expressing shock, sadness and anger – have been pouring in on Facebook.

Samuel Davies and ex-partner Roxanne Davis. Picture: Hampshire Constabulary/PA Wire

Samuel Davies and ex-partner Roxanne Davis. Picture: Hampshire Constabulary/PA Wire

Shock and sadness

Facebook users have expressed their shock and sadness over the death of baby Stanley.

Dale Hilton: ‘Makes me well up thinking of the poor little bubba.’

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Mandy Ferdinando: ‘Cannot ever understand for a second how they can do that. I get upset if my little ones fall over and graze a knee and I clean it up and put a plaster on with lots of hugs for my child, and them monsters deliberately harm a tiny baby?’

Trevor Page: ‘What ever they are given will never be enough, that poor baby couldn’t shout for help, the two people who should have and could have ,failed him, god bless you Stanley.’

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Eileen Spencer: ‘They ought to have some of the hurt that poor little mite went through rest in peace little one xx.’

Annabel Dyer: ‘Breaks my heart’

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Anger over sentencing

Other readers on Facebook expressed their anger at the sentencing and said the 10-year jail term should be longer.

Liza Beck said: ‘A fracture measuring 8cms on his tiny little head not to mention all of this other appalling injuries. They meant to hurt that baby and now his life is over. 10 years is not justice. There is no justice for this.’

Steve Lee said: ‘That sentence is a disgrace. Torturing a baby is about as wicked as you can get.’

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Holly Gregory: ‘10 years for a life? An innocent little baby who could of done or been anything? But it was stolen?? 10 years? I'm literally gobsmacked??!!’

Trevor Lant: “’I'm no legal eagle but 10 years seems wholly inadequate.’

Hayley Parkes: ‘Shocking ... 10 years should mean 10 years and still would not be enough.’

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Carley Emery: ‘10 years each!! What an absolute joke!! no justice for that poor baby.’

Irene Hilliar: ‘Should of got a life sentence and I mean life they took a young baby’s life and only got 10 be out in 6 should be lock up and key thrown away.’

Steph Hiscock: ‘My hearts broken. You absolute scum bags.’

Leslie Harris: ‘Should be whole life terms for both without parole,never to come out.’