Gosport cyclist reveals agony after being hit by a driver - who did not have a licence

Cyclist Phil Dyke from Gosport who was injured after being hit by a car
Cyclist Phil Dyke from Gosport who was injured after being hit by a car
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A CYCLIST has spoken of his heartbreak of being left disabled after he was struck by a car driven by an unaccompanied provisional licence holder.

Phil Dyke, from Gosport was waiting at the junction of South Street, preparing to turn right into Dock Road when a car pulled out and slammed into him, crushing his right lower leg and foot between the bike and the car bumper.

Mr Dyke was taken by air ambulance to Southampton General Hospital before being transferred to Salisbury District Hospital where he stayed for two-and-a-half weeks.

Following the crash, Phil needed surgery to repair his lower right leg and ankle and has since been in and out of hospital for treatments and surgeries.

Graham Fitzpatrick was driving under a provisional licence without L-plates and was unaccompanied by a qualified driver. He subsequently was banned from driving for two years at Aldershot Magistrates’ Court last month

Mr Dyke revealed how his life has completely changed and can no longer do basic things for himself.

He said: ‘I need help washing and dressing, preparing food and something to drink.

‘The simplest tasks we all take for granted are now impossible for me to achieve alone – and all because of someone else’s mistake.

‘My house is no longer a home for me. It is not easy or comfortable to get around.

‘I can’t even move from one room to another without difficulty.

‘My wife is now my carer and to say life is a struggle is an understatement.

‘Nothing can turn back the clock and prevent what happened to me, and while hearing that the driver who struck me has been banned is encouraging, I want others to be aware of the consequences of their recklessness.’

Claire Howard, an expert serious injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, representing Phil, said: ‘The driver failed to brake, steer or otherwise control his vehicle. As a result Phil has been left with horrific injuries forcing him and his family to put their lives on hold while he recovers.

‘We are now examining the court’s findings and will be working with the driver’s insurers to secure Phil a fair settlement which will hopefully set him on the road to a full recovery.’