Gosport firefighter pleas with youths to stop having bonfires in Stanley Park

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YOUTHS making bonfires in a park have been given a stern warning by firefighters.

Gosport fire station has received a spate of calls to Stanley Park in Gosport recently regarding groups of youths creating bonfires using old tree stumps, leading nearby residents to call the service to report the fires.

The latest fire in the park happened at around 8.25pm on Friday night.

Now, watch manager Sean Ratcliffe has urged groups of youths to stop wasting the service’s time.

He said: ‘Every time we go out to one of these fires, it is a cost to the taxpayer.

‘The danger is that by attending these fires, it could take us away from a more serious incident and that is why we are urging the groups to stop and to really think about what they are doing.

‘We need to be able to deal with serious incidents.’