Gosport junior football club victim of vandalism attack

Some of the vandalism at Gosport FC
Some of the vandalism at Gosport FC
  • Gosport FC spray painted with insulting words Members painted club house just days before for new season Club have now had to use funds unnecessarily Police treating act as suspicious
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A JUNIOR football club has had its ground vandalised just days after a revamp.

Members of Gosport FC, which is based in Arden Park in Mumby Road, have been left devastated after discovering its facilities had been spray-painted and had to use club funds to remove the damage.

The vandalism at Gosport FC

The vandalism at Gosport FC

The football club plays a pivotal role in the Gosport community. It runs 30 teams from under-sixes to under-18s, both boys and girls, and has more than 300 members.

The clubhouse had recently been painted by members ready for the new season but vandals destroyed all the hard work that had been put in.

Paul Clarke, chairman of the club, said: ‘We can’t believe it, considering it’s a local community football club that we all run voluntarily.

‘We work hard to put something on which people use regularly and it’s sad to see somebody has done this.

‘I went down the night before and there were bits of rubbish on the floor, as well as cigarettes, so I cleared them up.

‘We used an industrial cleaner to remove the spray paint. Luckily, I know someone who did it cheaper, but it’s still had to come out of club funds which could have gone to a better purpose.

‘The outline also remains readable, although we have been told that it will eventually go away in time.’

Paul’s wife, Tania, secretary of the club, said: ‘We spent hours having to remove the damage.

‘The likelihood is that whoever did it knows someone who’s part of the club, which is the saddest part about it. As a parent, we want our subs to go towards things that will benefit our children, not on cleaning up vandalism.’

A spokesperson for Hampshire police said: ‘The incident took place between 6pm on July 20 and 11am on July 21.

‘No persons have been arrested although we are treating it as suspicious.’