Gosport record fair takes people back to their teenage years

Record collectors sift through the boxes of records. Picture: Keith Woodland (020219-13)
Record collectors sift through the boxes of records. Picture: Keith Woodland (020219-13)
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DANCING the night away, rocking out to their favourite tunes or just recalling the classics – these were the memories brought back at a record fair over the weekend.

The second annual Gosport Record Fair was held at The Fallen Acorn brewery in Mumby Road on Saturday, bringing hundreds of people down to reminisce about the glory days of vinyl – and pick up some new records for their collection.

Organised by Kieron Howes from A Slice Of Vinyl, the event was also raising money for Tonic Music for Mental Health in Portsmouth.

Visitors to the fair say that some of their favourite memories can be associated with a vinyl record, or a song from their past.

Paul Maidment, 56 from Gosport, said: ‘I collect vinyl records that I can get autographed.

‘I had a big collection when I was younger but when CDs came out I got rid of it – and definitely regret it.

‘It just takes you right back to your childhood, and some of your favourite times from the past; for example, I loved The Beatles because my mum listened to them all the time, so they take me back to spending my childhood with her.

‘The guitarists like Eric Clapton sound much better on vinyl too.’

Martin Haynes, 47 from Fareham, came along to the fair with his partner, Andrea Gardener, 45.

He said: ‘Listening to vinyl takes me right back to when I was a nipper.

‘I’m a huge Iron Maiden fan – they’ve always been my favourite band – and a lot of it is the stuff I was brought up on.

‘It’s just so much fun to go back and listen to that.’

Following the record fair, it was announced that £100 will be donated to Tonic Music for Mental Health.