Join Gosport church for stories and song

Gosports Pam Rhodes will be visiting Holy Trinity for a night of hymns
Gosports Pam Rhodes will be visiting Holy Trinity for a night of hymns

Rev Andy Davis, vicar of Holy Trinity and Christ Church, Gosport 

Gosport is the home town of Songs of Praise presenter Pam Rhodes, so we’re always glad to welcome her back!

She’s planning to be with us on September 16 for a special event called Stories Behind Favourite Hymns. It’s at 4pm in Holy Trinity Church in the centre of Gosport.

She will present an afternoon of well-loved songs and hymns, and tell some of the stories behind them.

Some of those stories she is telling will have a maritime theme, reflecting our coastal location, and some will feature extraordinary women through time.

Part of the reason that we’re looking particularly at songs and hymns written by women is because the service coincides with an exhibition we’re hosting at Holy Trinity Church.

It is looking at the work of female artists.

It is said that churchgoers tend to learn their theology from songs and hymns, rather than sermons, because certain phrases that they sing again and again really stick in their minds.

For instance, the hymn Amazing Grace encapsulates perfectly the difference that being forgiven can make to someone’s life.

When you discover the history of a piece of music and realise that it was written as a response to a specific historical event, or the personal experience of the writer, it can become even more special.

For instance, John Newton, who wrote Amazing Grace, was involved with the slave trade and known for his blasphemous language before a dramatic conversion to Christianity.

He knew how depraved he had been, so he felt that sense of forgiveness more acutely than most.

Pam will tell some equally fascinating stories about well-known hymns on the day. I will have the pleasure of introducing her, and no doubt will remind her that it was the community of Gosport that propelled her towards TV stardom!

Pam has also written an array of books and will have some available following the event.

She’ll be happy to sign any of her books, whether bought on the day or brought along from home.

Do join us and join in as we heartily sing some songs and hymns together, many of which are likely to be among your favourites too.

Holy Trinity Church is in Trinity Green, Gosport. 

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