New book dedicated to children of the world

George's Quest For World Peace 4 is out this week
George's Quest For World Peace 4 is out this week
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Hello and welcome to my Gosport Community News Column.

It is my pleasure to announce my fourth children’s book George’s Quest For World Peace 4 is to be published this week just in time for Valentine’s Day.

My work is dedicated to educating children core values and to promote well being for my young readers.

This book is suitable for children aged seven and over.

The back page of my latest adventure mentions The News and the work I have done as a community writer for my hometown of Gosport.

One of the main characters is a beautiful mermaid who has to invite all her friends to her birthday party. Yet she asked my magical purple dragon George to help.

Was this a good idea?

Let’s say George sneezed and used almost all his magic in one go.

Aboard a spaceship Harry Styles, Princes William and Harry as well as Simon Cowell and numerous others had to help.

Not just with the party but with literally downloading everything necessary to begin life on a new planet.

George, my purple magical dragon, expands his lifetime work by travelling to this undiscovered planet Harmony.

He has taken his quest for world peace to a quest for universal peace, quite by accident.

There are numerous surprises to discover in my longest book to date.

Many A-list celebrities are revealed as the story unfolds,including royalty.

My work as an ambassador for George’s Quest For World Peace has given me a platform to signpost educators too.

As my books are so unique they have been classified as both fiction and non-fiction.

They are also used as text books for their educational content.

I appreciate your feedback after reading my latest work so email me at

George’s Quest For World Peace 4 is dedicated to all the children of the world and to all the children of the other universes.

Reading to your children is a wonderful bonding experience. Teaching your child to read via shared reading is a wonderful gift.

This gift will enable your child to have the ability to continuously educate themselves then pass their love of reading to the next generation of children.

Add a little piece of imagination to your life today and see the magic happen.

My books can be found at all good online bookstores as paperbacks and to download as e-books on Amazon.