Pokemon Go expert reveals where hotspots are to find rare beasts

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go
  • Man spent a whole day in Gosport finding characters
  • Called the area his ‘secret spot’
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A man who claims to be the first person to catch all the Pokemon Go characters available in the UK has declared Gosport a ‘hot spot.’

Sam Clark caught 143 of the virtual characters when playing the game in his hometown Southampton and Gosport.

Last week the 32-year-old spent a whole day in Gosport, where he managed to capture 32 different character types and around 300 altogether.

The father of four highlighted the ferry terminal and Gosport Park as places of interest.

He said: ‘No one really saw Gosport as a good place to play so I thought I’d go there by myself to try and find some.

‘It was my secret spot as no-one else knew about it. Now it’s where I tell everyone to go if they want to find lots of different characters so you’ll probably see loads more people go there now.’

Sam Clark of Southampton, who is the first person in the country to catch every Pokemon Go creature

Sam Clark of Southampton, who is the first person in the country to catch every Pokemon Go creature

Sam collected all of the 142 characters available in the UK, plus he managed to hatch the ultra rare Taurus which is normally exclusive to the US.

The owner of a phone repair shop said: ‘Living on the south coast is a great advantage.

‘Gosport is by the sea and has grassy areas and parks, which are the three main environments. So the chances of catching all of the Pokemon is greater.’

Sam, who runs an online gaming community Cyberjam Gaming, said his ‘epic’ accomplishment was from dedication of playing on the app every day since it was launched on July 6.

He even lost two stone in the process by walking about 140 miles, equivalent to more than five marathons.

He said: ‘The game’s great, it’s getting people outdoors and walking, plus there’s a community side to it. Everyone’s friendly and it brings people together.’

Pokemon Go is an app which lets you capture virtual Pokemon characters hidden in real-world locations.

The launch of the free augmented reality game has taken the world by storm, with Pokemon Go mania seemingly everywhere.

Over 3,000 people have joined the Pokémon Go Portsmouth Facebook page.