Protest planned after women lose ‘thousands of pounds’ in pensions

The Solent WASPI group
The Solent WASPI group

CAMPAIGNERS will be taking to the streets amid concerns that women have lost thousands of pounds when their state pension age was increased.

Solent Women Against State Pension Inequality (Waspi) will be campaigning in Gosport High Street on Saturday, September 29.

They say that around 6,000 Gosport women and their families have been affected by the changes to the state pension.

Group coordinator Shelagh Simmons said: ‘We agree that men and women should receive their pension at the same age but many women haven't had the same opportunities as men to pay into an occupational pension.

‘As a result, they are more likely to depend on a state pension for their income.

‘The least they should expect is timely direct communication about such a life-impacting change, giving them enough time to prepare for it.’

The group will be at the market in the high street from 10am-4pm.

Ms Simmons said: ‘It's important to take a stand when a generation of women who have faced discrimination all their lives have the one bit of financial security they expected in later life suddenly taken away.’