REV PAUL CHAMBERLAIN: Take time to stop and think about life

Paul Chamberlain takes a few moments silence each day
Paul Chamberlain takes a few moments silence each day
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I WONDER if you made any new year resolutions last weekend?

Perhaps the opportunity of a few days off work over the Christmas and New Year period gave you some time to think about life? 

Maybe you were able to have some important conversations with family or friends? 

Or perhaps something happened that made you realise that something needs to change?

Many people make new year resolutions about food or exercise – less of one, and more of the other usually. 

Apparently, the number of gym memberships increases considerably in January, although by the middle of February, many people have stopped using them! 

But as well as food and exercise, there are also many other areas of life we could make new year resolutions about – our relationships, how we use our time, what we do with our money, a change of job, and many more.

A few years ago, I started trying to take some time to sit and be still every day. 

While my life is often full of noise and busyness, I found that being still and silent for a while really helped me to stop and focus and think about what was important. 

Most of the time I’m so caught up with my moment-by-moment thoughts that it’s hard to get perspective on what matters.

But taking time to stop helped me to think much more clearly about what was valuable and worth focussing on. 

Also, as a Christian I realised that being deliberately quiet gives God a chance to speak to me in the silence of my own thoughts.

So I don’t make new year resolutions – I’m not sure I’d be very good at keeping them anyway!

But I do try to take time most days to stop and think about life, and to pray. 

To be silent, and to consider the people and situations around me, and in the world. 

To think about what’s important, and to let God speak.

So instead of making new year resolutions, why not find time once or twice a week – or more, if you can – to deliberately stop, sit, be quiet, and listen to your thoughts? 

You never know what you might find out.

Happy new year!

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