Sailor Alex looks to set further benchmarks

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ALEX Thomson Racing is celebrating a successful four-year campaign, with its sights firmly set on the future.

The sailing team is looking to secure the Vendée Globe in 2020, which would make it the first British team to ever win the race.

The digital reach and engagement includes over 38 million online video views of offshore footage from the Southern Ocean along with stand-out viral campaigns such as the Mastwalk and Skywalk.

With each four-year cycle, the team aims to put together a winning team, while simultaneously delivering high sponsorship return.

Skipper Alex Thomson said: ‘This is not just a story about technical sailing, which most people don’t understand; it is about human endeavour, adventure and man or woman vs the elements.

‘Our team strategy is win and return. Win on the water and return to our sponsors. By helping our sponsors achieve their objectives, they help us to achieve our objectives.’

‘For us, the future for is focused on winning the Vendée Globe.’