WATCH: Mystery as more ‘UFO’ lights appear above Gosport and Fareham

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The debate surrounding the mysterious ‘UFO’ lights above Gosport and Fareham has continued after more strange objects were spotted in the skies.

Derek Reay, who lives in Stubbington, was one of the latest residents to spot groups of glowing lights near his home, and managed to film them moving around in the sky on Friday night.

Credit: Derek Reay

Credit: Derek Reay

The video shows four coloured spots moving side to side, often in tandem.

He said: ‘We often have helicopters flying overhead, and these lights are definitely not the same as a helicopter, and they appear smaller.

‘Judging by their position, from our bungalow, I would guess that they may well be flying over HMS Collingwood, or certainly, in that area.

‘Whether the M.O.D are carrying out tests there I do not know.

‘But, these lights, possibly on drones, could be flying in the flight path of one of the police or air ambulance helicopters, that are often in that area.’

Last week Daniel Smith, from Hilsea, claimed to have spotted extraterrestrial life moving in above Gosport.

In his four-minute video clip, which has been uploaded to YouTube, three lights can be seen changing colour from green to purple before moving into a triangular formation.

After the video was posted on The News’ website, readers came up with their own theories for the lights on social media.

Some believed they could have been lights from drones, while others said they could have come from military vehicles.

Rosemary Withers, who lives in Downside in Gosport, said she has also seen the three lights in the sky above her house.

She said: ‘I just thought it was someone flying a drone.

‘I couldn’t make out a triangle [of lights] but they were definitely going that way. There were red lights and blue lights.’